Photo of Groome Parcel from New Road- December 2017

This is the Eastern section of the Groome parcel that fronts New Road and backs up to Schaeffer lane. 

Does this look like an appropriate place to build a new housing development?

This section of the parcel is regularly underwater. 

Protect the New Road Corridor- Gateway to The Great Marsh and Lewes

The Groome United Methodist Church in Lewes has sold its' 135 acre parcel on New Road to a developer, rather than accepting a generous offer from a collaboration of local businessmen and government representatives.   The potential development of the Groome Methodist Church 135 acre parcel on New Road, and the contiguous 1,094 acres that abut the Great Marsh, are environmentally sensitive areas and need to be protected. We, the New Road Preservation Alliance, along with many local residents we have met, are very concerned that the natural resources, open space and agricultural lands that attracted all here in the first place are fast disappearing and that the sale of this land to a developer will have a huge impact on Lewes.  

 We respectfully request that Groome Methodist Church located on Savannah Road in the City of Lewes reconsider its’ decision to sell property owned by the Church on New Road to a developer whose intent is to build numerous houses on land that is environmentally sensitive and that, alternatively, the Church accept the generous offer to preserve it as open space and to maintain its’ agricultural use in a conservation easement restricting development.