How to Help

Attend a Meeting

The GLCC hosted an informational meeting on December 14, 2017. Click Here for details about the meeting and our presenters. 

Sign our Petitions

Join over a thousand of your neighbors who have signed our petitions. Click Here to link to our Petitions page.

Volunteer or Get Alerts

Subscribe by sending a message from our Home Page to join our movement or offer your talents to assist this cause. 

You can also contact us to get on our list for future alerts. Just send us a message letting us know your interest.


We are accepting donations to help cover costs for website, advertising, and printing. If you would like to contribute, donations can be made payable to "New Road Preservation Alliance" and mailed: 

C/O Douglas Spelman, 121 Samantha Drive Lewes, DE  19958 

Please note that at this time we are not filed as a 501C-3 and therefore not tax deductible.  Your donation is just that, a donation!

Write A Letter

Are you passionate about this issue? If so, please consider writing a Letter to the Editor to the Cape Gazette, state and local politicians, or other area media. 

Every voice helps. 

Contact us for letter writing list.

Letter Writing Campaign

Write Letters to Support Preserving New Road


Please support our cause and voice your concerns to the officials and media below, or to others of your choosing. The suggested requests and topics below are merely suggestions. We encourage you to voice any additional concerns you may have. 

Letters to State Officials


Ask our state officials to:

• Retain State Open space funding designated for purchase of this property. 

• Continue to work to with Groome Church to reach a preservation agreement 


Senator Ernie Lopez- 

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf-

Rep Steve Smyk-

DNREC Secretary Shawn M. Garvin- 

Governor John Carney-

Letters to Sussex County Officials


Ask our county officials to: 

• Improve stormwater, water quality control, and enforcement with updated ordinances

• Use County Open Space funding to preserve this property


Todd Lawson, County Administrator-

 IG Burton, County Council (Lewes rep)-

Janelle Cornwell, Planning Director-

Letters to City of Lewes Officials


Ask the Lewes City Council to: 

• Commit planning expertise to this project

• Support preservation of the Groome Church property



Letters to the Editor of the Cape Gazette


Ideas for topics/questions to raise in letters:

• Will the State Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs carefully oversee the archeological assessments to be done on the Groome church parcels/New Rd.

and insure preservation of native American and colonial graves and artifacts?

• The need to preserve the Great Marsh properties that are so significant to the survival of its unique ecosystem and bird population along the Mid Atlantic Flyway.

• Can Groome Church and the New Road Preservation Alliance collaborate to achieve a mutually agreeable solution for both the church and the community?

• The state Open Space Council should preserve Great Marsh properties near New Rd. that, if developed, could result in 1400 homes to be built.

• New Road floods during minor storms and is impassable at Canary Creek.

• DelDOT should work to stop flooding of New Road at Canary Creek. Get New Road reinstated by DelDOT as an evacuation route before building more homes. 

Email Letters to: