Tower Hill Unanimously approved by Sussex County P & Z on 12/20/18

We tried. We attended meetings. We listened to our neighbors and spoke up on their behalf. 

Unfortunately, our Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commissioners didn't really listen. They gave a big Christmas present to Dan McGreevey and the D2 Organization by approving the Tower Hill application with only a few small constraints. Listen to the audio transcript here. The first 14 minutes is the entire discussion and decision.

Concerned citizens need to get more involved. We heard from so many neighbors who didn't want the development, but few spoke at the public hearing. Some said it was too late. Others do not like to go to Georgetown at night. It wasn't too far or too late for the developer from Pennsylvania to attend. We need to look at this as a lesson. More citizens need to be vocal and actively engaged. The next big battle on New Road is for the Brittingham Parcel. That will take place in the City of Lewes, where we hope more reasonable and balanced commissioners will rule about subdivision.  Start the new year by attending the Jan 10th Public Workshop in Lewes and checking our Meetings page often. 

What Now? What Can We Do? Write to P & Z!

Input to Sussex County Plannin & Zoning is Needed by 12/12/18

The Public Hearing was held on 11/29/18 at Sussex County Planning & Zoning. The New Road Preservation Alliance, along with local residents, spoke and voiced their concerns about wetlands, flooding, traffic issues, density of the proposed developement, archeology, and impact on the Great Marsh and wildlife. 

The public record was held open for the Traffic Impact Study (TIS). This was received by the county on 12/6/18 and the community has 7 days to respond. Public comments that focus on traffic and this study will be accepted through 12/12/18 and Tower Hill is back on the agenda for the Sussex County Planning a& Zoning Commission on 12/13/18:

We need you! We are urging concerned residents, especially neighbors, to:

1) Read the Traffic Study  It is the last doc in the section called "Traffic Study 12-05-18"

2) Write to Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission before 12/13/18. Comments can be submitted electronically through this link by clicking the word "Here" in the third paragraph on the link:

What should you write? Read the traffic study and respond. Beyond that, keep it brief and tell the commissioners how this impacts you and your way of life, especially  what impact the additional traffic may have on you. We encourage you to include other personal hardships these 292 new homes may cause you. 



Groome Property "Tower Hill"


Public Hearing 11/29/18- Decision Delayed

The Public Hearing was well attended, but Tower Hill was last on the agenda and it was a late night. After the attorney for the developer. Jim Fuqua, spoke for over an  hour people were weary and ran out of steam. Many spoke, but many did not as the meeting moved into hours 4 and 5. The record was held open for traffic information, as discussed above. Groome is back on the agenda at Sussex County Planning & Zoning for Dec 13th. The record is open through the 12th and concerned give inputneighbors need to 

 The developer, Dan McGreevey and the has filed an application for 293 densely clustered homes on this 134 acre parcel. 

See site plan below.


Our Concerns: What is Needed Before Development Should be Approved

  • Wetlands proximity, groundwater, water table level, runoff, and flooding. Map to the right shows flood plain and wetlands on and around site. A hydrology study is needed before approval!
  • Impact on the Great Marsh
  • Archaeology- Based on the history of the property, also referred to as Tower Hill, we know that Native Americans and early colonists and their slaves lived on the property and artifacts have been found in the past. The Archaeological studies done by the developer have not been released.
  • Traffic- Deldot is updating the traffic study, but it is not complete. As New Road is being realigned with route one and Minos Conaway Road, which will funnel more traffic on this stressed roadway,  a new study is needed that shows future traffic with a traffic demand model. 
  • Stormwater- How will stormwater be managed, both short and long term? What impact will this have on wetlands and the Great Marsh.
  • Density/Community Standards- This project has higher density , with smaller lots, than any other development or older neighborhood along New Road. Is this against community standards for the area? Are we setting a precedent that will destroy the agricultural character and bucolic beauty of the "quiet" end of  Lewes? 


What You Can Do

  1. Get Involved! Talk to neighbors and friends in the community to educate and spread the word. 
  2. Attend meetings and speak. We need citizens on 11/29/18. Go to our MEETINGS PAGE 
  3. Write letters! Go to our HOW TO HELP page for more information

Groome Applications, Site Plans, and Docs

These are the documents (Site plans, applications, etc.) filed by the developer. The "Tower Hill Exhibit Booklet" is the newest and most complete application. It is what will be considered by Sussex County Planning & Zoning on 11/29/18. 

Please Check Back For Updates

In addition to the Groome and Brittingham properties that are presently under consideration for development, there are other developments in process on adjacent Old Orchard Road. We will update with more information soon. Check back often.