The Latest Threat to the North End of Lewes: Fishers Cove


Fishers Cove

Has applied to the City of Lewes for a Major Subdivision to build 19 homes behind the historic property "Fishers Paradise" on Pilottown Road. This land is very close to the marsh, has wetlands, and abuts Great Marsh Park. There is a long history of flooding in this area and neighbors fear that this construction will cause dangerous flooding in the adjacent neighborhoods in Lewes, especially Rodney, Hoornkill, and Harborview. Scroll down for pics. 

This article gives a good overview:


Advertising Before Approval?

It is concerning that the developer is already advertising. The plans have not even been officially presented to the Lewes Planning Commission and the Public Hearing isn't even scheduled yet, but Ocean Atlantic (Schell) has an ad?


What Can You do to Help?

1) Review the plans on the city website and submit comments to the City of Lewes via this link:

2) Attend the Lewes Planning Commission Meetings, especially the Public hearing. First meeting is 2/7/19 and others will be listed here as they are scheduled:

3) Inform friends and neighbors and get them involved! Contact Janice Pinto at JANICEPINTO1@MAC.COM for more information

Why Are Neighbors Opposed to Fishers Cove?

Concerns from Neighbors on Rodney Avenue


Who are the Concerned Citizens of Rodney Avenue? 

The group was established by the residents of Rodney Avenue and adjacent property owners whose land abuts the proposed Fishers Cove major subdivision. Additional members are residents of Lewes who are also concerned about the adverse impact of the proposed development. 

What is the Fishers Cove subdivision? 

Fishers Cove is a proposed 18 home development by Burke & Utecki LLC (Chris Shell and a partner) in an environmentally sensitive floodplain behind the historic Fisher Martin home on Pilottown Road and the land beyond Rodney Avenue.


Do you oppose the development? 

We are not opposed to responsible development. We oppose the developer’s preliminary plan because it creates a strong risk of flooding for the adjacent properties on Rodney and Hoornkill roads.  Additionally, the developer is only building the infrastructure.  Absent information on the homes that will actually be built there is uncertainty about the adequacy of the storm water management system.  

The plan also places an undue burden on the residents of Rodney Avenue because it proposes Rodney as the sole ingress and egress. 

Do you have a proposed remedy for your concerns?
Yes.  We have asked the Lewes Planning Commission to gather scientific data with regard to the wetlands, flood plains and water tables and use that data to guide decision making.  We have also proposed the access road to Fishers Cove be on Pilottown Road rather than Rodney Avenue.  


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