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There's so much development happening along the New Road corridor that it is tough to keep on top of. 

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The Time to Act Is Now

Assault on the New Road Corridor

The New Road corridor, which has long been a bucolic and quiet part of Lewes, is on the verge of losing its' agricultural heritage and open space. There are presently 6 major development projects pending or in process. 

Citizens need to be engaged to save what little open space exists and to influence the character of development. The New Road Preservation Alliance was initially formed to address the sale and development of the Groome property, but is now refocusing to address all properties on or along New Road. Current projects of major concern are the "Lewes Waterfront Preserve" (Brittingham Property) on New Road and "Fishers Cove" behind Rodney Ave near the Lewes Dairy. Both pose serious threats to the Canary Creek watershed. We must be advocates to protect open space near the Great Marsh to preserve the wetlands, archeology, wildlife, agriculture, and history of this beautiful area. 

Please contact us to get involved or visit our MEETINGS and HOW TO HELP pages. Also Click on the pages for individual developments, which are constantly changing and being updated.


About Us


A group of concerned citizens who  formed an alliance to educate and organize locals about the land sale and development of the Groome United Methodist Church 135 acre parcel on New Road. Since our formation several other developments have been proposed,, both in the City of Lewes and Sussex County,  including 90 townhomes on the newly annexed Brittingham property by Canary Creek, a proposal for 18 homes in the city by the windmill called Fishers Paradise,  and a commercial rezoning request on Old Orchard Road. 

We must unite as neighbors to have input. The people we have spoken to have been overwhelmingly in support of preserving the New Road corridor along the Great Marsh. Visit our "Meetings" page for upcoming meeting information and our "How To Help" page to get involved. 


As citizens of the great first town in the first state, we are working to preserve the New Road corridor that abuts the Great Marsh, our last open natural area east of route one in Lewes. Once this land is developed it is gone forever. Neither the water table or the road can withstand the potential for so many new homes on this now open space. We cannot sit quietly and watch the beauty that has attracted so many to our lovely town be destroyed, as we are dedicated to preservation in Lewes. 


In an effort to encourage the Groome Methodist Church to reverse its' decision to sell their property on New Road for development, and instead sell it for conservation, the New Road Preservation Alliance collected over a thousand petition signatures and presented them to church officials and local government officials.  We also presented our concerns at a public meeting in December 2017.

Unfortunately, these efforts failed and the sale has moved forward.  The Suusex County Planning & Zoning Commission approved the subdivision on 12/12/18. We are disappointed in this outcome, but are not quitting!   Our goal and focus now is to encourage Sussex County, and the City of Lewes, to manage development through the use of wetlands buffers. better density calculations,  and responsible development to help lessen the impact of development on the Great Marsh.  We also urge the city and county to slow down on approving development until the roads and infrastructure are improved, for the safety of Lewes residents.

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New Road Preservation Alliance- Lewes, Delaware

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